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The new cider in Donostia

18.12.2017 /

One more year, due to the collaboration between Lizeaga and Petritegi cider houses, Albaola factory and The natural cider association of Gipuzkoa, our barge participated in Donostiako Sagardo Apurua celebrated during the December holiday weekend in order to promote the cider culture of Gipuzkoa.

This time, Gabriel and Aitzol from Lizeaga cider house and Argoitz from Petritegi cider house were the bargers who went down the Urumea river carrying the new cider made in Astigarraga. 

Our barge is going to sail Urumea waters before the next Sagardo apurua, so be aware of the river…

Visit our youtube channel: Youtube, Urumea sagardoaren ibaia.


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