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Extra Dry Sparkling craft cider

1 bottle 75cl

Extra Dry Sparkling craft cider Extra Dry Sparkling craft cider Extra Dry Sparkling craft cider Extra Dry Sparkling craft cider

eur 10.50

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Petritegi Aparduna Extra dry sparkling cradt cider is made from our finest natural cider using the traditional method. Our happiest bubble!


Features of Aparduna Extra Dry Sparkling Craft Cider

Petritegi Aparduna Extra Dry craft cider is characterised by its fine, elegant bubbles and its unmistakeable personality. We make it using some of the best native apple varieties: Goikoetxe, Txalaka, Manttoni, Mozolua, Urtebi Haundi and Moko, among others. We allow secondary fermentation in the bottle (following the traditional or champenoise method) and then degorge it after laying it down for 9 months. This gives us a Extra Dry sparkling cider, of slight acidity and notable crispness.


Ingredients: cider apples of the best native varieties. 


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