Cider house menu

Choose the cider house menu best suited to your tastes and enjoy it with your friends

At Petritegi you can enjoy a traditional and exquisite cider house menu. We have different menus composed of typical cider house dishes to suit the tastes of all clients. All of these menus include the cider, directly poured from the barrels in our cellar. Our prices include VAT.
Request more information in: 943 457 188.

When ordered previously from Monday to Friday, except Friday night:

Fried hake: €10.50/serving
Salt cod in sauce: €10.00/serving

Times other than the cider house season:

From May 1: Cider sorbet: €2.50/serving
From October to December: Baked Errezila apple

Other options:

Apple juice for children
Fried assortment for children: €3.50/serving
Menus for celiacs and vegetarians

* Add salad (lettuce, tomato and onion) to any of our menus: for €1/person

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