Cider house menu

Choose the cider house menu best suited to your tastes and enjoy it with your friends

At Petritegi we have everything ready to be able to offer you the Txotx ciderhouse menu * (as soon as the current restrictions allow it).

Until then, you can also enjoy a full Cider House experience, choosing our ciderhouse bottled menus**, which include a tasting of the new harvest cider, and some of our best bottled ciders.

* "Txotx” Cider House Menu, €37.50 (available when restrictions change).
** “Bottle” Cider House Menu, €34.50 (available all year round).

Our prices include VAT.
Request more information in: 943 457 188.

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Due to the new regulations and temporarily, cider may not be consumed in the cellar. The cider will be served at the table by jars and bottles.