Cider house menu

Choose the cider house menu best suited to your tastes and enjoy it with your friends

At Petritegi you can enjoy a traditional and exquisite cider house menu. We have different menus composed of typical cider house dishes to suit the tastes of all clients. Our prices include VAT.
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When ordered previously from Monday to Friday, except Friday night:

Fried hake: €10.50/serving

Times other than the cider house season:

From October to December: Baked Errezila apple

Other options:

Apple juice for children
Fried assortment for children: €3.50/serving


Menus for celiacs and vegetarians



  • Chorizo cooked in cider, sulphites.
  • Cod omelette, egg and fish.
  • Salad, sulphites.
  • Roast cod, fish and sulphites.
  • Fried hake, fish, egg and gluten.
  • Veggie burger, gluten, celery, soya and nuts.
  • Txuleta meatballs: gluten, egg.
  • Idiazábal cheese, milk/lactose.
  • Walnuts, nuts.
  • Tolosa Teja and Cigarillo biscuits, nuts, egg, gluten, lupins, milk/lactose, soya and sesame seeds.
  • Ice cream, milk/lactose and nuts.
  • Casa Eceiza apple pie, gluten, milk/lactose, egg and nuts.
  • Cider, sulphites.      
  • Apple juice, sulphites.
  • Wine, sulphites.

• The cider bottle can be change for a bottle of juice or water.
• You can exchange 2 bottles of cider for a bottle of wine.
• In the case of exchanging a bottle of cider for a Premium DO cider, a supplement of € 2 will be requested, if it is exchanged for a sparkling cider it will be a € 5 supplement.
• The warehouse will have limited access. Our winemakers will try to take you to the winery at least once, in small groups, so that you can taste the cider from a couple of barrels. Let us respect the shifts and times set by our staff so we can all enjoy the winery and the txotx. Thank you.

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Due to the new regulations and temporarily, cider may not be consumed in the cellar. The cider will be served at the table by jars and bottles.