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Five generations at the forefront of cider making

Serving cider straight from the barrel by means of the txotx ritual

Petritegi had a traditional wooden press to make cider with the apples grown on its own properties. The cider they made was intended for family consumption, but it was also sold as supplies for the Gipuzkoan fishing fleet, to individuals and to the so-called “cider taverns” or cider houses.

Today the Petritegi cider house is the perfect place to taste Basque cider and gastronomy: out in the countryside, surrounded by apple trees and only 5 km from San Sebastian.

Our history

  • Tolare

    We make our own natural cider

    Our family has been making and selling natural cider for more than 100 years

  • Cellar

    The heart of our cider

    The cellar is the ideal place to enjoy a unique gastronomic and cultural experience

  • Pedro Otaño, our grandfather

    A cider house with standing and tradition

    Pedro Otaño, the forebear of today’s Petritegi cider house

  • Apple orchards

    High quality local varieties

    We use the most highly appreciated apples in the cider making business: moko, urtebi txiki, urtebi haundi...

Serving cider straight from the barrel by means of the txotx ritual

The Petritegi cider house cellar is a unique and special place. Here you can learn about the cider culture, ubiquitous and vitally important in Basque society ever since its origins. Enjoy drinking cider straight from the barrel txotx-style all year round: making your way with the other diners from the dining room to the cellar where cider is served from the barrel is the first part of the txotx ritual. The cider maker will decide which barrels to serve from.

The cellar is the place where the cider maker and enthusiasts gather; the former offers the fruit of his work and the latter voice their opinion and praise. Guests heading for the cellar to taste the different ciders also end up mingling spontaneously with one another

Would you like to visit our cellar?