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Petritegi's cider awarded at the Pomme d'Or fair in Frankfurt

29.03.2017 /

Ainara Otaño from Petritegi cider house, located in Astigarraga, has been this weekend in Frankfurt, Germany, to attend the 9th International Pomme D'Or Cider Competition. The jury of the competition, formed by European professionals of the sector, has awarded to the cider "Petritegi" the prize Pomme d'Argent in the category of natural or craft cider. Ainara has received the award during the dinner held at the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof of the German city.

Ainara, representative of the fifth generation of the Otaño-Goikoetxea`s family of Petritegi, had also the opportunity to see in first hand the culture of German cider (or Apfelwein), located mainly in the region of Hessen, where Frankfurt is the main city. Thus, during his visit to the Sachsenhausen or "neighborhood of the cider", she has enjoyed in how they in the traditional way of serving cider in jars (bembel) and typical glasses (Gerippten).

On Sunday, Petritegi cider attended to Apfelwein International, the fair of the cider Sector which brings together about 100 producers arrivals from all over the world in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, apart from knowing the cider industry, Ainara had also the chance to share experiences, impressions and projects with other cider producers.

It has turned out to be a completely satisfactory journey, especially for the recognition obtained by the cider natural from Petritegi, a traditional proven quality basque product, which is the result of the work of Otaño-Goikoetxea family ( in the cider house of Astigarraga). It is a further recognition of the good team-work of Petritegi; grounded in professionalism and respect for the family tradition inherited during the last 100 years. From Petritegi they want to thank the members of the jury for the prize awarded, as to all those people who choose day by day their cider to enjoy the taste and land ... Petritegi, where the cider is born."


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