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Apples for natural cider

A balanced cider with body and flavour

Harvesting cider apples at Petritegi

To make cider we can use as many as hundreds of varieties of cider apples. By appropriately combining acidic, sweet and bitter apples we achieve balance in the flavour of our cider. The different combinations chosen at our cellar will give us different nuances as regards aspect, aroma and flavour.

The importance of the raw material, the apple, cannot be undermined in the production process; depending on the varieties we choose, the weather and the time of harvest, we will obtain one kind of cider or another. At Petritegi we use around 25 varieties of apple, many grown in our orchards. Our family has always grown apples for cider. Today we work on the basis of a modern and ecological production system.

Where do we get them from?