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Albaola visit

Cider and the San Juan whaler



Get to know the heart of Basque culture, the history of the sea and cider with a visit to the reconstruction of the whale ship San Juan and an experience in a cider house by tasting the traditional cider house menu! This experience is a proposition to get to know our cultural and gastronomic heritage! In the 16th century our fishermen and sailors made long expeditions to Newfoundland in search of whales and cod. The favorite drink of these sailors was cider. Indeed, each sailor drank no less than 3 liters of cider a day! Most of the cider from Basque farmhouse cellars/presses was supplied to these expeditions. You can get to know first-hand the reconstruction of the 16th-century whaling ship San Juan, sunk in the cold waters off Canada. The drawings of the ship go back to its origins, and it will soon set sail again for the Canadian waters it visited centuries ago.


First of all, you will see the Bay of Pasajes and stop in Albaola, the sea factory of the Basques. You will visit the exposition of the museum on your own. Later, you will hear a presentation of 30 minuts about the whaleship. To round off the day, you will visit one of our cider houses in the Basque Country and learn about the “txotx” ritual in its cellars, enjoying a traditional cider house menu.

  • Entrance in Albaola (Sea Factory of the Basques)
  • 30 minutes guided tour in San Juan whale ship
  • Guided tour in the cider cellar
  • Traditional cider house menu


Adults: 59€
Children (14-17): 42€
Children (4-13): 25€ 

This activity is for groups over 10 people 

100% of the amount will be paid at the time of the booking.


Free cancellation up to 72 hours before the day of the reservation.


On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In Albaola the time table depends on the languages. Check the calendar. In the cider house the tour stars at 1.30pm.


Basque, Spanish, English and French (on previous request).

Meeting point:

Albaola: Ondartxo, 1, 20110 Pasai San Pedro, Gipuzkoa.



Contact us at reservas@petritegi.com or by calling 943 45 71 88



  • Albaola visit
  • Albaola visit
  • Albaola visit
  • Albaola visit
  • Albaola visit


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