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"Sagardoa" Experience

Discover our apple orchards and the cider making process

"Sagardoa" Experience


A complete guided tour taking you into the world of Basque natural cider through some of the lesser known parts of the Petritegi cider house: the apple tree orchard, the musseum and the cellars. You will also enjoy a short video on how things have changed in cider making at Petritegi since the 18th century until our days.

Contact us at visitas@petritegi.com or by calling 943 45 71 88



Adults: 16,5€.

Children aged 14 to 17 years: 12,35€

Children aged 3 to 13 years: 8,25€



Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 11.30am.

Reservations are allowed up to 24 hour before the Experience.

Petritegi reserves the right to refuse admission.  Access to the cider house will not be allowed to people who are in an state of drunkenness, with symptoms of being under the influence of narcotics or aggressive behavior. The tour guide or room manager may cancel the contracted service at the moment without refunding the advance payment made. 


More options943 45 71 88 / visitas@petritegi.com

Languages: Basque, Spanish, English and French.


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Contact us at visitas@petritegi.com or by calling 943 45 71 88


  • "Sagardoa" Experience
  • "Sagardoa" Experience
  • "Sagardoa" Experience


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