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Petritegi in Cider World´19

02.04.2019 /

At Petritegi we are very, very happy: our Sparkling Natural Cider Petritegi Aparduna 18 months, has won its first prize! Specifically, it has been a medal in the Cider World'19 International Cider Championship held in Frankfurt, Germany. Our joy is even greater because this has been the first harvest made in Petritegi of this type of cider.

Two years ago we also participated in this event and our sidrera Ainara Otaño picked up another prize, in this case, the Silver Apple for the Petritegi Sagardoa or natural cider.

Do you know how we make Aparduna Sparkling Natural Cider? At the Petritegi Cider House in Astigarraga we follow the traditional method: we select a cider in our cellar, we bottle it and we provoke the second fermentation (through the addition of yeast). Once this is done, the bottle rests in a horizontal position (rhyme) for a minimum of 18 months, thus refining the product. Then we carry out the disgorgement of the bottles and their final corking.

Petritegi Aparduna presents an elegant bubble, fresh and very fruity aromas, as well as a very pleasant step in the mouth. It is a drink with the unmistakable character of Petritegi.

Petritegi Aparduna is our happiest bubble. Uncork a bottle and share it with whoever you want.


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