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Petritegi Natural Cider

3 x 75cl bottles.

Petritegi Natural Cider Petritegi Natural Cider Petritegi Natural Cider Petritegi Natural Cider

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Petritegi cider is made by combining traditional procedures with innovation, striving daily to improve the quality of our product, with no added sugar. Our cider bottles come with a built-in pouring cork.


Characteristics of Petritegi Natural Cider

Petritegi cider is characterised by its unquestionable personal character, the result of our cider makers’ long experience. To make it we combine the cider apples perfectly and use traditional production methods passed down from our elders. The result is balance between the hint of acidity that gives us that fresh feeling and a subtle bitterness that leaves a perfect taste in the mouth.

Ingredients: Cider apples.

Organoleptic and sensory characteristics

Slight cloudiness typical of natural cider.
Balanced presence of an endogenous sparkle or txinparta.

On the nose
Fruity aromas and an intense fresh, clean sensation.

On the palate
The balance between a slight bitter taste, a hint of astringency and the refreshing acidity give our cider its unmistakable character.

Serving advice

The recommended serving temperature is 10ºC-13ºC.
Unfiltered product. With time, sediment tends to form at the bottom of the bottle. Before opening, we recommend turning the bottle upside down and shaking it to homogenise the cider.

To get the very best of flavour from the cider, the glass should be wide-mouthed and thin-walled. When serving, the bottle should be raised slightly so that the cider splashes off the wall of the glass; it should be consumed immediately. Once open, the cider should be consumed almost immediately, replacing the cork to keep it fresh.

To enjoy its qualities to the full, we recommend that the cider is consumed within 15 months from the date of bottling. It is advisable to store the product in a fresh place and without greatly varying changes in temperature.

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