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Organic apple juice 750ml

3 bottles

Organic apple juice 750ml Organic apple juice 750ml Organic apple juice 750ml

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Fresh and natural product, with a unique flavour, source of vitamin C. Made the traditional way with a sweet hint of baked apple; contains no alcohol or added sugar.


Characteristics of Petritegi Organic Apple Juice

Petritegi is a juice made with fresh organic cider apples selected by Petritegi. The apple juice is obtained according to traditional means of producing cider must (apple washing, crushing and pressing); it is then pasteurised and bottled straight from the press to guarantee optimum freshness and quality.

The entire process takes place at the Petritegi installations: from harvesting the apples, obtaining and pasteurising the must, until bottling and labelling of the product. This gives us a product 100% local, made the traditional way using locally-sourced fruit, result of the effort and dedication of the Otaño family.

Ingredients: Fresh cider apples.

Organoleptic and sensory characteristics

Ambar yellow/gold.
Slightly cloudy due to the properties of natural cider apple juice.

On the nose
Intense aroma of stewed or baked apples.

On the palate
Complete balance between acidity and subtle sweetness; maintains all the flavour of cider apples, giving it an unmistakable character.


To enjoy its qualities to the full, we recommend that that the juice be consumed within 15 months of the date it was bottled.
We recommend that the product be stored in a cool place.

Conditions of use
Although the juice is pasteurised, with time some sediment may appear in the bottom of the bottle.
The juice should be served at a cool temperature. Once the bottle has been opened, it should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3-4 days.

Petritegi is a new product on the market; it is unique for its cider apple ingredients and traditional production methods, giving it enormous personality all of its own. It is ideal for people of all ages and at any time of the day. It contains no added sugar or alcohol and is therefore a healthy alternative to fizzy or other soft drinks.

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