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Petritegi EKO Euskal Sagardoa

3 x 75 cl bottles

Petritegi EKO Euskal Sagardoa Petritegi EKO Euskal Sagardoa Petritegi EKO Euskal Sagardoa

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Our Basque Origin organic cider, made with 100% organically grown cider apples from the Basque Country. A sustainable cider that is committed to our health, our locality and of course, the environment.


Characteristics of Basque Origin Natural Organic Cider Petritegi EKO

PETRITEGI EKO cider is our organically-produced cider, made using apples from our organic apple trees, as well as organically-grown apples from different suppliers. We can appreciate its freshness on the palate, thanks to its subtle acidity, and hints of fruity flavours. This sustainable product is environmentally-friendly and produced with our health in mind.

Ingredients: 100% organically grown cider apples from the Basque Country.

Organoleptic and sensory characteristics


Straw-coloured with green tones. Slight cloudiness typical of natural cider. Delicate presence of carbonic with origin endogenous  or "txinparta".

On the nose

Balsamic aromas and intense sensation of freshness.

On the palate

Entrance in the mouth very well compensated and pleasant presence of bitterness, typical of the native varieties used.

Serving advice

The recommended serving temperature is 10ºC.
Unfiltered product. With time, sediment tends to form at the bottom of the bottle. Before opening, we recommend turning the bottle upside down and shaking it to homogenise the cider.

To get the very best of flavour from the cider, the glass should be wide-mouthed and thin-walled. To serve, the bottle should be raised slightly so that the cider splashes off the wall of the glass; it should be consumed immediately. Once open, the cider should be consumed as quickly as possible, replacing the cork to keep it fresh.

To enjoy its qualities to the full, we recommend that the cider is consumed within 15 months from the date of bottling. It is advisable to store the product in a fresh place, without greatly varying changes in temperature.

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