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Sagarpe Cider Vinegar

1 bottle 50ml

Sagarpe Cider Vinegar Sagarpe Cider Vinegar

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Double fermentation apple vinegar, with a fruity, fresh and smooth aroma. Contains mineral salts, and particularly potassium, which gives diuretic properties.


Characteristics of Sagarpe Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar comes from double fermentation. A first alcoholic fermentation during which the apple juice turns into cider and a second acetic fermentation where the alcohol transforms into the acetic acid characteristic of vinegar.

Within this transformation myriad elements are maintained, such as mineral salts and particularly potassium, which gives diuretic qualities to the cider vinegar. These and other qualities are what make Sagarpe cider so healthy and good for you.

Ingredients: Natural cider vinegar. Addition of the authorised antioxidant, sulphur dioxide.

Organoleptic and sensory characteristics

Bright yellow.

On the nose
Fruity, fresh and smooth.

On the palate
Fresh and slightly acidic.


Contains sulphur dioxide.
Total acidity equivalent to 5º.

Does not require special storage conditions.
However, it is advisable to store the vinegar in a fresh, dry place, protected from direct light and sudden temperature changes.

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